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It all started in 2015. Four friends—Warren, Jesse, Guillermo, and Josh—decided to move their post-movie theater conversations from their local bar to the internet. The podcast has grown since then, adding Brilund, Blewitt, Mocha, Abbott, and a bunch of special guests. Whether you’re a long time listener or new to the pod, thanks for tuning in!

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If it were legal to live in a movie theatre, I would be happy to! Love just about everything about cinema with a focus on acting, script analysis, and character motifs throughout the entire story. Life goals to drink all the wines of the world, Warren is a member of Friends With Blends who chats about wines, food pairings and their love of Harry Potter. #siptothat

Favorite Film Genre: Animation

Movie He'll Never Tire of:  A Goofy Movie


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Mocha Mike

—as the lord intended—

The resident Marvel scholar for DIFP. Based in NYC, he’s the one thing keeping this from becoming a Pats circle jerk podcast. 

Voted “Most Hispanic Team Member,” he unfortunately lost the “Fullest Lips” award to Blewitt, though he feels honored just being nominated. 

He is currently tormented by the ghost of the inactive twitter user whose account bears his name. 

Favorite Film Genre: [Zombie] Horror

Movie He’ll Never Tire of Watching: Pan’s Labyrinth

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Andrew Abbott

—The Abbs Man—

Andrew traded Blue Crabs for Red Lobsters and moved up from Maryland to New England. He's always loved films but developed an almost supernatural obsession with horror movies in college.

He thoroughly enjoys the theater experience but is always down to Netflix and chill. Andrew is also the host of Fear Boners where he scratches your horror itch on a semi-regular basis.

Favorite Movie Genre: Found Footage Horror

Movie He'll Never Tire of Watching: The Devil's Backbone

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— Mouth of the South—

After traveling the Kings Road from the lush warmth of Dorne to the unforgiving frigid wasteland of the North,  the lone silver-tongued sell sword only known as Brilund used his dry wit and vast knowledge of all things nerdy to bring wisdom and culture to the masses.  Through his labors he earned the moniker “The Mouth of the South” and was beloved by everyone who listened to his words. 

Movie always worth revisiting: L. A. Confidential

Most excited about: Overwatch League

Blewitt Bio

Mike Blewitt

—The Shredda—

No need to vote, The Shredda brings the lips to this podcast. And not in a sassy sense, Mike literally has big lips.

He likes nothing better than a good score analysis, and is unafraid to completely rip off famous composers to make our theme song in a new genre.


Favorite Movie: The Room

Rainy Day Movie: Kubo and the Two Strings